Type Antidepressant
Group other
EMEA 10130408en
PubMed Hypericum
Kompas (Dutch) hypericum extract
Wikipedia St John's wort
Type Antidepressant
Group SSRI
Medscape Fluoxetine
PubChem 3386
PubMed Fluoxetine
Kompas (Dutch) Fluoxetine
Wikipedia Fluoxetine

Switch medication from hypericum to fluoxetine.[1][2]

Nietinrijdenbord.png Stop hypericum
  • Day 1-14: gradually decrease the dosage of hypericum.
  • Day 15: stop administration of hypericum.
Eenrichtingbord.png Start fluoxetine
  • Day 15-22: a wash-out period of at least one week is necessary.[3][4][5][6]
  • Day 23: start fluoxetine at 100% of the target dose.
  • After day 23: gradually increase dose as necessary
Infobord.png More information
  • Safe target dose fluoxetine = 20 mg
  • Hypericum induces enzymes of the CYP P-450 type and P-gp type.
  • Hypericum might have MAO-inhibiting and/or COMT-inhibiting properties.
  • Many studies reported that hypericin is the main source of pharmacological effects of hypericum. However the IC50 of hypericin to inhibit MAO A and MAO B is 100- to 1000-fold higher than accessible Cmax values of hypericin after oral administration of hypericum.[7]
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